About Us

The perfect day!
We met through Marcie's cousin in 2004.  Marcie moved to Chicago for a teaching job soon after meeting Jason, and we have been together ever since.  We dated for two years and married in June of 2006.  We have been married for five years and are more in love now then we ever knew was possible.

Hiking on vacation
We love to take vacations together or with our friends, and families.  Going out for dinner is also something we enjoy.  We both like listening to live music at local venues.  We have fun going for walks with our dogs and have found this is a great way to stay connected.  Hanging out with our friends is also something we enjoy; whether it is playing games, having a barbecue, or a bonfire.  
Our Values
Our faith in Jesus Christ is the value that has molded both our lives.  We both grew up in Christian homes, going to church and Christian schools.  As we went on to college and beyond, we made the faith of our childhood our own.  Having Christ at the center of our marriage is key and will also be the center of our parenting.  Our faith is what carried us through the difficult times of infertility and what is guiding us through the adoption process as well.  
One verse we have come to treasure is from Proverbs 3:5-6:
“Trust in the Lord your God with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” 
Go Cubs Go!
We also value time with family and hope to make many memories with our children through trips to zoos, museums, water parks, ball parks (Wrigley Field in particular), and vacations.  

Our Home
We live in a modest house, with three bedrooms, in a suburb of Chicago.  We love that the city is so close, with so much to learn and do, but we like living in the suburbs where family life is all around us.  We have a fenced in yard that is great for the dogs and will be perfect for kids.  
Our Pets

After we were married we knew we wanted children, but we still had a lot we wanted to do, so we decided dogs would be a good idea.  We have two wonderful dogs: Rogue, our boxer, and Toby, our chocolate lab mix.  We love to play with them, take them for daily walks, and spoil them with treats.  
Our Family
Marcie's family
We both come from families with four children.  Jason is the youngest and Marcie the second child.  Our families are super excited to add another member, or members to the family, and will be there to support and help us with our new addition.  
Jason's parents live about four blocks away and Marcie's parents in Michigan. Our siblings live in Michigan and Indiana.  We know our future holds lots of long weekends visiting our families as they love our children.
Close friends
Our family also extends beyond blood.  Many of our friends will be called aunt and uncle and will be a large part of our children's lives.  They are thrilled for us to bring a child into our home and have been extremely supportive.