Looking good
Through Marcie’s eyes

Jason works for a concrete company in credit and collections.  He is good at his job and I am very proud of him.  I love that Jason works to live.  He even turned down a potential promotion knowing that it would take time away from family.  He is a man that loves the Lord and his family.  I know he would move mountains to make me happy and loves me just as I am.  
Being goofy
Warms my heart
He loves music and plays both the guitar and piano, and likes to attend just about any concert I will let him.  Jason can be a goof and can always make me laugh, even when I am in a bad mood.  He loves to spend time with family and friends and has many close relationships.  He is a wonderful man with a kind and giving heart and will be a fantastic dad.   He is a excellent listener and communicator which goes along way when it comes to marriage and parenting.  Prior to meeting Jason I did not like to talk about my feelings, but he does not let me get away with that and allows me to talk to him openly and honestly about how I feel.  He brings out the best in me, and as we have said since we met, he is my match made in heaven.  I can’t imagine my life without him.  
Jason and his niece 
Age                  30
Height             6'3
Occupation    Credit and Collections
Education      Bachelor of Arts Degree
Religion         Christian